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About the Black Cat Salon

The Black Cat Salon + Spa got its name from a music venue in Austin, Texas. Jentry, co-founder of The Black Cat, used to frequent the "original" Black Cat as a young kid, sneaking in under-age to see musicians like Willie Nelson, Stevie Ray Vaughn and the Arc Angels. This was when Austin was truly the Live Music Capital of the World. As the "Keep Austin Weird" movement spread and began to cannibalize and commercialize everything that had made it so special in the first place, The Black Cat stayed true to Austin's roots. While other venue owners on Austin's famous Sixth Street sold their clubs to be converted into generic bump-and-grind bars to make (a lot) of money, the owner of The Black Cat refused to sell. Then, one day, The Black Cat burned down. Instead of rebuilding, a sign was put up on the burnt shell that said, "Austin, Texas: Once Live Music Capital of the World, Now Dead Music Capital of the World." The Black Cat remained to Jentry, and to many others who knew it, as a symbol of loyalty and integrity, refusing to compromise no matter what.

Flash forward a number of years later to Hawai'i. Jentry and his client and friend, Katy, had been talking about hypothetically opening a salon for months. They looked at spaces for rent, they tossed around names and logos and paint colors. They mostly ate a lot of pizza and dreamed big. But after months of talk, it was time to get down to business or get off the pot, so to speak. One night, after a pizza and dreams session, Katy got a call from Jentry right as she got home. "Guess what I saw when I got out of my car?," Jentry said. There had been a little black kitten sitting on the curb in front of his house that night. That was the sign they needed.

Uncoincidentally enough, the night they found the space in Kaimuki, there was a black cat waiting for Katy in her parking space when she got home. Who says black cats are bad luck?

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